The City of Clifton is served by the Clifton Independent School District.

Continuing Education

Residents of Clifton have the fortune of being located within 40 minutes of Baylor University as well as McLennan Community College in Waco. Additionally, Hill College, located 45 minutes away in Hillsboro, also makes available credit and non-credit continuing education courses to citizens of all ages. Often residents of large cities like Dallas and Austin drive at least 30-45 minutes to their community colleges, without the benefit of beautiful country scenery and no traffic.

Additionally, the Bosque Arts Center provides non-traditional continuing education through its lifetime learning programs. The Carleen Bright Arboretum in Waco provides the location for monthly meetings and the Cameron Park Zoo, also 30 minutes away, provide opportunities to learn more about animal and plant life while the Bosque Museum and other museums noted provide educational opportunities for citizens interested in the history of the area. The Nellie Pederson Library in Clifton is open 5 days per week and also presents educational materials for citizens as well as internet service for individuals needing that service.

Colleges or Universities: